Advising users: The 4 key steps for success

If you are creating services or offering advice to users about how to lower their boiler flow temperature, there are four key steps you should follow to ensure they complete this successfully and safely, however you are communicating with your users.

These steps have been created by Nesta through a series of prototypes and testing with users and partners. They are designed to help you create end to end services on whichever channel is most relevant for your users. Each step contains a number of reusable design patterns that you can use in your services.

  1. 1. Introduce the concept

    Explain the reason why changing flow temperature is important.

  2. 2. Check eligibility

    Ensure that this advice is relevant and safe for your users.

  3. 3. Make the change

    Give clear, concise and relevant information on how to change flow temperature.

  4. 4. Provide wider heating advice

    To ensure comfort is maintained, provide further advice on heating the home at reduced flow temperatures.

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